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    Previously unpublished

    «Once Upon a Time there was CHE» by Leonardo Facco
    Ernesto Guevara: the true story.
    ISBN 978-88-7647-240-4 pp. 112 Euro 12,00

    Ernesto Guevara is a true icon of the left. His popularity is without comparison all over the world. Still, with this book Leonardo Facco - an Italian journalist who has a first hand knowledge of the complexities and troubles of Latin America - has tried to uncover the other face of the Che: the man behind the myth. Guevara, Facco argues, was a different person than the one that has been painted by legions of apologizers. Facco uses important testimonies to prove that Guevara was more a cynical, bloodthirsty guerrilla fighter, than a benevolent “liberator”. The result is a new, less amiable picture of Che Guevara. Truth can be terrifying.
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    Leonardo Facco is a reporter, a publisher, a political activist. He worked in different Italian newspapers, and now edits the libertarian magazine “Enclave”. He produced the documentary “Cual Revolucion”, on the rise to power of Hugo Chavez. The author of several book, he is married with one son.

    «Liberalism and Democracy» by Norberto Bobbio
    Edited by Franco Manni
    978-88-7647-114-8 pp. 160, Euro 10,00

    A basic essay for understanding the true meaning of liberalism and democracy by Norberto Nobbio the most famous italian professor in political philosophy non only in Italy. A book for all the readers - young ones too - interested in knowing.
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    «Togliatti’s green ink» by Massimo Caprara
    A portrait of the famous leader of the Italian Communist Party.
    ISBN 88-86792-00-X pp. 262 Euro 12,39

    As in a novel, fresh evidence about the Italian Communist Party leader Palmiro Togliatti comes from his PA, who left him, and his ideas, after twenty years of service and has now talked freely about that experience. A unique and exclusive document on Communism in Europe after the Second World War and its links with the cultural world.
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    «San Donnino jail, cell 31» by Roberto Festorazzi
    From a previously unpublished Fascist document the story of those who escaped the Dongo massacre at the end of the Second World War in Italy.
    ISBN 88-86792-18-2 pp.216, illustrated, Euro 15.50

    Based on a manuscript left by Alfredo Degasperi, head of the Fascist Political Service in Mussolini’s Italian Social Republic, this book tells the story of the other side of the barricade during the Italian War of Liberation. Written by a journalist who is also a historical researcher, it shows a "world" unknown to this day.
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    «The young Vittorio Emanuele III» by M. Bondioli Osio
    More than 400 previously unpublished letters from the then future king, plus 200 letters from his mother, Queen Margherita and his tutor’s notes...
    ISBN 88-86792-15-8 pp.888, illustrated, Euro 36.15

    Based on the documents collected in the "Archivio Osio" (Osio's Archives) by Egidio Osio, the senior officer (and later general) King Umberto I of Italy put in charge of his young son Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia’s education, this book contains 439 letters from the then Crown Prince, 36 letters from his mother, Queen Margherita, notes from Osio’s diaries and many others documents that had never been published before. A new, original portrait of the king who would reign during the most troubled years of recent Italian history: the two World Wars and Fascism. The book, edited by Mario Bondioli Osio, a grandson of the “royal tutor” and a distinguished Italian diplomat himself, contains also a portfolio of rare pictures of the young Vittorio Emanuele III.
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