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Whodunits and Thrillers

«The Pascoli's mystery» by Maria Santini Whodunit

ISBN 978-88-7647-154-4, pp.160 Euro 12.00

Messina 1901: the poet Giovanni Pascoli, professor in Latin Literature at the University, and his sister Mariù live quietly even if their habits are quite different of a city in Sicily.
The timid professor of the Romagna forms a friendship with one of the most influent families of Messina: that ones of Princes of Monteferrante. But a terrible murder upset a quiet life and a friendship.
The poet and his sister will investigate on it and thanks to them at least this case was solved in dicember 1908, the december of the terrible earthquake which destroyed Messina...
A whodunnit with real character: Giovanni and Mariù Pascoli.
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«Evil Doves» by Maria Santini Whodunit

ISBN 978-88-7647-155-1 pp.160, Euro 12.00

For the Police of Rome everything is clear. Yes, the beautiful Brigida has poisoned her love rival and, afterwards, she has tried to kill herself.
But for Tina, her best friend, the things went in a different way and she asks to her sister, a feminist lawyer very skillful, for helping.
The lawyer investigates and knows queer characters as the charming and mysterious wife of a political man who think to be a "tomber de femmes".
Meets too the man for whom Brigida, as the police thinks, tried to kill herself. And when she will reach the truth risking her's life that was surprising and bitter.
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«Her, kindly» by Maria Santini Whodunit

ISBN 978-88-7647-156-8 pp.176, Euro 12.00

The brother of the famous poet Alberta Gatti, who killed herself a year before, asks to a lawyer to charge Igino, the lover of her sister and a poet himself, with plagiarism.
It appears a simple story as many others but the lawyer is involved in a plot of crimes in the shadows of terrorism (we are in Italy, in 1978, at the times of the terrorism).
Among "stage effect" till the last page the lawyer solve the case reaching a surprising but logical conclusion...
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«The Ex Schoolfellow» by Maria Santini Whodunit

ISBN 978-88-7647-157-5 pp.160, Euro 12.00

Coming to Rome for living her sons to their father, her divorced husband, with whom they will spend holydays, Simonetta doesn't imagine what it will happen to her.
She is a writer just becomed famous and Ilaria, an ex schoolfellow, keeps in touch with her because has dramatic problem.
Her daughter, Giustina, twelve years old, was kidnapped and Ilaria asks to Simonetta to intermediate with the kidnappers.
This story doesn't seems to Simonetta so clear as it would be... but the father of the girl comes in, he is a fascinating gentleman...
Simonetta leaves her involved in this story: she will repent bitterly.
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«Let speak about, civilly» by Maria Santini Whodunit

ISBN 978-88-7647-158-2 pp.128, Euro 12.00

After nine years in jail Nausicaa has a new trial and now was pronounced not guilty for the murder of his husband.
Everybody, even her relatives, ignore Nausicaa.
She was politically involved as a "revolutinary", she was a lesbo who got married for interest... No, she cannot be no guilty.
Only Orsola, an old friend, thinks in her and helps her.
But who wants to kill the ex prisoner?
For two times somebody tries to kill Nausicaa.
Orsola investigates and the people who meets for helping her friend look so nice...
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«The Big Aristocrats’ Case» by Domenico Da Binasco Thriller

ISBN 978-88-7647-166-7 pp. 128, Euro 12.00

In Umbria, on the Sibilinni Mountains there is a mistery and many people from many countries are involved in discovering it. The Author of this novel too..
Which is this mistery?
Why is it only on that mountains?
An involving thriller for readers learned and with refined manners...
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«I go and say to the Bees» by Maria Santini Whodunit

ISBN 978-88-7647-245-9, pp.268, Euro 14.00

What happens at Serravalle degli Ottoboni, in Umbria, quiet town famous for its treasures of art, local traditions and legends?
Misteries, murders, an unseizable killer...
It seems everything came out from some cottages on the top of the hill or from the unusual Bookshop where Licinia, the main character, spends her hunappy life or from the Villa Cucchi, a postmodern masterpiece, where live an old lady and an important business man with his perfect wife...
And, in the meantime, two love stories are interlaced.
Love stories so passional and hard to cause very big troubles...
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«The pale Amethyst» by Maria Santini Whodunit

ISBN 978-88-7647-244-2, pp.248, Euro 14.00

An isolated Villa on the rocks in front of the sea along the coast near Naples, a large and fine flat at Parioli, the most chic area for living in Rome: Adamo Gianfranceschi, painter, and his daughter Silvia, know the pleasure of a nice life.
But a dreadful destiny is ready for them...
And it is in danger Ippolita too, respectively daughter and sister, even she is not involved in their business.
She is an essayist in literature and she is very fond of her boy-friend.
Why Brando, a very handsome man, will have a key role for solving any problem?
What is the secret message hidden into the wanderful mosaic which represents the goddess Albucilla?
And, the most important question: what is it the Pale Amethyst?
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