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    «A Song Day By Day»
    by Franco Gàbici

    ISBN 978-88-7647-153-7 pp.204, Euro 12,00

    Musical Memories from 1955 to 1965 and around: from Only You to the Beatles. 365 famous international and italian songs told with love, passion, curiosity and nostalgia. The story of one song for every day of the year and the athomsfere in which born and developed. And day by day the portrait of a season: The Sixties.
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    «Introducing Tolkien» edited by Franco Manni

    Writings by Alex Lewis, Fiorenzo Delle Rupi, Tom Shippey, Alberto Quagliaroli, Franco Manni, Elena Grecchi, Wayne Hammond, Beppe Roncari, Paolo Barbiano di Belgiojoso, Nancy Martsch, Carlo Stagnaro, Riccardo Moretti, Edoardo Sbaffi, Jessica Yates, Edoardo Vitto, Lorenzo Daniele, Gianni Cavallari, Denis Collins, Roberto Di Scala, Michele Ballarini, Gregorio Trebucchi, Ruth Lacon, Agostino Maiello, Andrea Alberici, Filippo Rossi, Catherine Thorn, Massimo Renald

    ISBN 88-86792-39-5 pp.496 Euro 25,00

    This book addresses two categories of readers: those who do not know Tolkien and are interested in knowing him and his works; and those who already know and are interested in deepening and updating their knowledge. In fact the book (written by 31 Italian and English specialists) is a systematic "introduction" dealing with all the topics concerning Tolkien and pays attention to The History of Middle-Earth volumes, to the recent scholarly studies and to the news from the Tolkien fandom.

    Contents: Foreword – A brief account of Tolkien’s life – Tolkien & the Tolkienian People – Which kind of people do love Tolkien? – To the Reader – The Tolkien Reader at a crossroads – Tolkien and the mode "fantastic" in literature – Two points of view –Fandom (fans’ kingdom) – Tolkien present and absent – Reread The Lord of the Rings – A "little job still to do" – Main Works: The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, The History of Middle-Earth, Essays – Characters: Gandalf, Frodo, The Ring, Tom Bombadil, Turin, The Villains, Loved and not loved characters, The Elves, The Hobbits, The Dwarves – Literary themes – The emotions of a Tolkien Reader – The Lord of the Rings as a XX Century novel – The Shire – A Tolkien Chronology – The Supernatural in Tolkien – Philosophical themes – Manicheism and Augustinianism – Religion – Cosmology – Tolkien the Anti-totalitarian – Tolkien compared with other writers of "fantasy genre" – Tolkien and George Lucas – Tolkien and Howard – Tolkien versus Terry Brooks – Tolkien and Moorcock – Tolkien and Eddison – Tolkien and Dragonlance – Tolkien as a Post-war writer – "Other hands" fiction in a tolkienian setting – The Last King of the North – The Letter – Chronicles from the University of Umbar – Branch and Root – Poems – The critics – The critical response to Tolkien’s fiction – A selection of books on Tolkien – Tools & accessories: Atlas, Artwork, Documentary, Movies, Tolkien’s voice, Comics, Quiz, Gadgets, Gags, Miniatures, Internet, Music, Games – Extended Bibliography (books and papers of Tolkien and on Tolkien) – About the Authors – Text notes – Artwork of the book (by Lorenzo Daniele): The Argonaths, Dragon’s helmet, Palantir, Dragons, One door of Barad-ur, Mithrim Lake (front cover), Tom Bombadil (back cover).
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    «Letters to Giulia for teaching the music»
    by Gianpiero Taverna

    ISBN 88-86792-25-5 pp.176 Euro 15,50

    A modern-classic music famous international conductor wants to introduce his young daughter Giulia into the deepest meaning of what he loves more: music, of course. And he does it through many letters. So, day-by-day, it comes up an original way of teaching music. Original but very easy to understand – for everybody as well as for Taverna's young daughter. The book, collecting his letters, offers those who know nothing about music the opportunity to understand and learn what it is and its true meaning.
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