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    A new collection for readers interested in essays, reportage, special interviews, documents, research, original fiction, poetry and classics. From all over the world. In any languages. A collection for readers keen on rediscovering forgotten works, on discovering new writers, poets, and essayists. The collection is edited by L’ISTRICE, “The Porcupine”, the webzine published on these web pages by Simonelli Editore, one of the first ones on the Net, and will consist of online works in ebook format (although some titles will also be available in print). Here are the first two books of the collection:

    «GADDA The pain of knowledge» by Franco Gàbici
    ISBN 88-86792-40-9 pp.207 Euro 15,00
    Carlo Emilio Gadda, one of the most interesting twentieth-century Italian writer, was a civil engineer, and yet up to now there haven’t been any studies on the influence of his scientific background on his fiction. Franco GÓbici produces the first analysis, from a scientific point of view, of all the novels by this unusual author.
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    «Essay on Ghilgames» by Claudio Saporetti
    ISBN 88-86792-45-X pp.208, Euro 20,00
    The author has already translated and edited Ghilgamesh (Il Ghilgamesh - Simonelli Editore), the ancient Sumerian poems found in the Assurbanipal’s Palace (7th century BC) at Niniveh. It is the most recent, the most exhaustive Italian translation with comments of the Ghilgamesh poems, and the first one coming out from the original twelve tables in cuneiform inscription. Now Claudio Saporetti gives you the opportunity to take a deeper look at these poems with this collection of his essays on Ghilgamesh. Professor Saporetti teaches Assyriology at the University of Pisa in Italy.
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