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One Hundred Billions
of dollars

by Luciano Simonelli

© Copyright by Luciano Simonelli - The rights are reserved all over the world
It is forbidden to reprint any part of this page without a written permission from the author.


Chapter 2

«Well then ?», Linda asked squatting down near him like a pussy cat.
Patrick ruffled her long blond hair and said: »It was a perfect move, darling».
«Indeed it was», the girl said hopping joyfully onto her feet.
Linda wore only a tiny little G-string and her large and marmoreal breasts singed lightly.
Patrick was caressing them with his eyes when she pulled him by the hand and trying to make him stand up from the deckchair.
«Come on, stand up, lazy-bones», she spurred on.
«Why?», he tried to hold out with a smile.
«To go in for a dip. Shall we?»
They sprang laughing and after a short run were already swimming in the heart-shaped pool. It lied on a large lawn dotted with tall palm-trees that surrounded a house lit up by the Californian sun.
«Very soon we'll be rich, you know?», Linda exulted. «Can you believe it? We'll become millionaires!»
«In spite of that stupid one.»
«Stupid one?! He is a worm. The most disgusting worm of the world. But he is going to pay his bill at last.»
«Please, Sir», said Patrick , «It's one hundred billions dollars. Will you pay cash or with a credit card?»
«Cash. Cash!», answered Linda. She began swimming fast. She was so at ease in the water that she seemed a dolphin. Patrick was no less than her, but he was lazier and after a few strokes he floated and let the sun kiss him.
«Anyway, I am a bit jealous», he said after a short silence.
«What did you say?», asked Linda gripping the edge of the pool.
«I said that I am jealous» he screamed.
«Why on earth are you?»
«I am put out that you went to bed with that guy.»
«Oh, I see. He wasn't bad, you know?», she said jokingly and began to breast-stroke towards him. «He was really no bad at all.»
«»You admit it at last, don't you!»
«You know I am always sincere, Patrick», she said touching lightly his large chest warmed by the sun.
He half-closed his eyes as Linda went on caressing him slowly.
«Also the other one liked it», she said. «Especially here, on the belly.He got terribly excited.» And she slipped her hand under his bath-suit.
«Wonderful.», Patrick moaned.
But she let her hold go. With a spiteful laugh she pushed him underwater and swam away with powerful strokes.
«You are base» cursed Patrick re-emerging. «If I only catch you.» «I'm here» Linda said provokingly. By then she was already sitting on the edge of the pool.
He swam towards the girl and had almost reached her when she ran away laughing. Patrick sprang after her. They ran after each other, zigzagging with cheerful laughs on the soft lawn. He finally got hold of her and they fell on the grass at the foot of a tall palm-tree.
«And now?» Patrick asked. He was on her and kept her down on her back.
«And now?» he asked again cheerfully, «what will your fate be?»
«Oh my lord and king», declaimed Linda, «I am your prey. Do whatever you want with me.»
«Very well.» said Patrick playfully. «You will have the privilege to taste my royal virility.»
«God, I desire you so much, Patrick», Linda whispered as he tore her G-string. She searched his lips and began to kiss him greedily.
While their bodies united in a slow crescendo, the words The End appeared on the screen.

The lights in the small projection room went on.
«Does it work, Nick?», the wiry man asked immediately. He had the face of an old-looking child and thin fairish ruffled hair.
The stout bald giant who sat at his side with a big cigar between his lips did not answer at once. He spent some time staring at the blank screen. Then, shaking off his thoughts, twisted his lips in a slight smile. «Not bad, Jerry», he said. «Not bad. A little soft, perhaps.»
«But that's just what you wanted, isn't it? A soft porn suitable also for the normal circuit», said the other, restless. The long silver and garnets necklace that hang from his thin neck on the open shirt of a phosphorescent brilliant red tinkled.
«Okay, okay.», hummed Nick. «Besides, that girl has a sensuality that would raise the dead.»
«She is a bombshell, isn't she», the other man agreed, beaming. «If we use her well, she will bring us heaps of money. You should make her sign a sole right contract before the film is released.»
«Arrange a meeting»
«Would this evening do?»
«You are the usual old son of a bitch, Jerry», Nick giggled, «You have organised everything in advance, haven't you?»
«Was I wrong?»
«You know that I always appreciate these initiatives of yours», he said landing a slap on his back that made him sway. «But I would like to meet the guy who wrote the subject of the film too.»
«Why? Is there something wrong?»
«No, there isn't.It's only that .It's somewhat different.»
«You said it. Indeed it wasn't written by one of our usual writers.»
«I thought so.. . Arrange a meeting with him too»
«Would this evening do?», he smiled.
«What is it? Are you making a fool of me?», he asked annoyed.
«Calm down, Nick. No need to fly off the handle. Haven't you understood that the author of the subject is the girl herself?»
«The girl?!». He was astonished.
«I told you she deserves all your attention.»
«Incredible. A porno star with a brain.»
«And what for one!»
«But is she willing?»
«I would say she has a natural inclination. Only.»
«Only, you always end up by paying, with her.»
«How much does she want? A thousand dollars? Two thousand?»
«No, no. She doesn't want money», he smiled. «Her bills are of another kind.»
«What do you mean?»
«That Jill Fitzpatrick has very clear ideas, Nick. She is a wonderful pussy cat, always on heat, but she is extraordinarily cunning. Take this film. The original subject was completely different, but she has done and said everything possible and in the end she convinced me that hers was better. Not that I regret it. Not at all! But I've got the feeling that she made all the decisions, and that that was her price, after all.»
«In other words, she is not the usual bitch.»
«No, she isn't, Nick. And she is not either a down-and-out who tries to make the most of what Mother Nature has endowed her with. Dollars, wonderful cars and beautiful dresses are things that she has got already.»
«Why then did she land in the porn movies?»
«That's a mystery. She maintains she has a vocation for it.»
«Tall stories!. She is not a snooper from the police, is she?»
«Out of the question. I had some enquiries done by our usual private detective.»
«What has old Roxy found out?»
«That she is divorced, has a discrete amount of money on her bank account and comes from Miami. She arrived in Los Angeles only four months ago. Just in time to be discovered and to play in our film.»
«Perhaps we have another hint to find out more about her», Nick said, thinking aloud.
«What should it be?»
«Never mind.For the moment it is only a vague idea.The one who can swindle Nick Kartize has not born yet, anyway!» he exclaimed pulling with difficulty his gigantic bulk out of the narrow armchair.
«I know, I know», replied Jerry following him towards the exit of the projection room. «But be careful. I wouldn't want her to rob you of your production company.»
Nick was not listening anymore.
«See you», he said lost in thought, getting into the white limousine. The car pulled out slowly at once.
On Sunset Boulevard the usual river of cars was streaming under the scorching sun just a little misted by the smog.

Translated from Italian by Luisa Rizza.

The translation ends here if you are a publisher interested in this thriller you can ask for a Pdf copy
of the Book in Italian

If you are interested, please contact Simonelli Editore
e-mail: ed@simonel.com

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